University of Oregon

Department of the History of Art and Architecture

Undergraduate Honors Program

History of Art & Architecture department majors may apply to the department’s honors essay program if they have:

  1. Completed 4 lower-division art history courses, ARH 300, and at least 12 credits in upper-division courses
  2. Completed ARH 300 with a grade of A- or better
  3. An average GPA of 3.5 or higher in ARH courses
  4. Submitted the departmental honors application form (available online) to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, indicating the support of a faculty advisor

Honors application form should be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

For detailed instructions, see Honors Essay Guidelines.

Students are urged to present a first draft of the essay to the faculty advisor six weeks before the end of the term, and a final draft must be submitted two weeks before the end of the same term.

The honors essay must demonstrate the student's ability to formulate a significant research problem. The essay should have approximately 20 pages of text, not including notes, bibliography, and illustrations. A copy of the honors essay is deposited in departmental files.

The candidate whose essay is approved by the faculty advisor and who maintains a 3.5 GPA in all History of Art & Architecture courses required for the major is awarded departmental honors.