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Kate Beaver Kate Beaver
Kate is researching the avant-garde Peruvian painter and writer César Moro and the relationship between art and politics of interwar Surrealism. Her project particularly focuses on the internationalization of the Surrealist movement, and how aesthetic automatism functioned in revolutionary contexts.

Daniel Borengasser Daniel Borengasser
Daniel is interested in East Asian Buddhist art and its impact on the development of artistic practices and visual culture throughout Japanese history. His current research focuses on the icon of Shakyamuni at Seiryoji temple in Kyoto and the various replications of the icon created throughout the medieval period.
Lisa Calevi Lisa Calevi
Venice and Byzantium, Jewish Visual Culture and Italian Renaissance
Lauren Carey Lauren Carey
Lauren is interested in European art after the Renaissance, in addition to museum studies.
Megan Cekander Megan Cekander
Megan is interested in modern and contemporary art. Currently her interests include Pop art and public art.
Cathy Denning Cathy Denning
Feminism and contemporary art.
Stephanie Dunn

Stephanie Dunn
Contemporary art and museum studies.

Kelsie Greer

Kelsie Greer
Kelsie is exploring the development of North American architectural education through a discussion of Prickly Mountain, a 1960's design-build project in Warren, Vermont.
Thesis Poster

Christie Hajela

Christie Hajela
Christie's research interests are Modern & Contemporary art, as well as Gender & Feminist theory and criticism.  She would like to explore Photorealism and museum studies.

Sarah Hwang Sarah Hwang
Sarah’s research interests include Modern and contemporary art, graffiti and street art.
Derry Jameson

Derry Jameson
Derry is studying East Asian art with an emphasis on Chinese literati landscape painting. She is also interested in how Eastern and Western scholars discuss Eastern art objects within the context of time, place and culture.

Mackenzie Karp

Mackenzie Karp
Mackenzie is interested in inter-war German art and architecture, in particular the neue Sachlichkeit aesthetic, women artists, and urban space. She is also interested in issues of exile and modernist American architecture.

Lindsay Keast Lindsay Keast
Lindsay is currently researching the mid-twentieth century political, ideological, and social climates of New York City in regards to the emergence of Abstract Expressionism. Particular attention is focused on the transformation of Philip Guston's paintings from 1948-1953 in response to his camaraderie with experimental music composers John Cage and Morton Feldman.
Gina Kim Gina Kim
Gina is interested in East Asian modern and contemporary art, especially the biennial exhibitions in Korean and Chinese cities.
Jordan Koel Jordan Koel
Jordan's thesis, tentatively titled "Of Those Things Which They Do Upon Stones," explores the Carolingian image debate by focusing on modes of interaction with various images, objects, and spaces. By engaging with three modes on interaction–confrontation, creation, and control–this thesis will analyze Carolingian image practice, bringing to the forefront the anxiety stemming from concern over forms of interface with the holy in the late 8th and 9th centuries.
Meredith Lancaster

Meredith Lancaster
Meredith is interested in the art of the Crusades, specifically the Forth Crusade and the rise of Venetian power as well the acquisitions and trading of holy relics and icons like the transactions involving King Louis IX and his La Sainte- Chapelle.

Yuan Liao

Yuan Liao
Yuan is interested in art history and theory of early 20th century European and America, particularly focusing on the influence of the migration of German-speaking Jewish art historians from European to the U.S before the World War II.

Lindsay Long

Lindsay Long
Lindsay's interests lie in Chinese Art History and the History of Architecture, specifically the traditional architecture of China.

Sean Mock Sean Mock
Sean is interested in how the ideas of liminality cultural self-image, and Otherness are reflected in the art, architecture, and material culture of Anglo-Saxon England.
Kiersten Mounce Kiersten Mounce
Kiersten is interested in L’Union des Artistes Modernes in France between 1929 and 1958, focusing on their interactions with ideas coming out of Germany including the Bauhaus.
Ryder Nishioka Ryder Nishioka
Ryder's research examines Spanish Baroque painting.
Janet Northey Janet Northey
Early Modern period, Women in Power, the Representation of Power.
Megan OʼConnor Megan OʼConnor
Megan studies the overlap between architectural and artistic practice in Europe and the United States during the 1960s and 1970. Her current research centers on the way in which the female form functions as an element of a fantastical/utopian visual language employed by a number of ʻcountercultureʼ architectural collectives during this period.
Caroline Parry

Caroline Parry
Caroline is interested in contemporary art and feminist art practices, with a special interest in performance as a means to explore changing gender roles.

Madeline Phillips Madeline Phillips
Maddy is currently interested in exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy and other land artists. In particular she is interested in researching the relationship between the ephemerality of Goldsworthy's work and the everlasting quality of the photographs of these work. Through this scope she aims to focus on the contradictory nature of the photograph and Goldsworthy's ephemeral work, exploring how the photograph affects this quality.
Sarah Robison Sarah Robison
Sarah's focus is the history of photography. She is currently researching Italian postwar photography, with special emphasis on Neorealism and the work of Mario Giacomelli. She is also interested in museum studies.
Alexandra Ziegler

Alexandra Ziegler
Alexandra’s primary area of interest is baroque art. She is especially drawn to paintings by Caravaggio and other followers of his style.