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Chyna Bounds

Chyna Bounds’ research focuses on British satirical prints, specifically the work of James Gillray.

Kaitie Garvin

Kaitie Garvin will be focusing on ancient Greek and Roman art for her thesis. Specifically, she will be examining the idea of authenticity and originality in ancient art as it applies to Roman copies of Greek bronze statues.

Diana Engel

Diana Engel studies Medieval art, specifically focusing on Gothic illuminations in French manuscripts.  Her thesis will address the function of architectural framing around visual narratives, 1250-1300.

Sangah Kim

Sangah Kim’s interests are in modern and contemporary East Asian art, focusing specifically on artistic interactions among China, Japan and Korea.

Alexandra Mickle

Allie Mickle’s area of interest is contemporary Chinese art.  Her current research is focused on the digital prints of artist Yang Yongliang, the effects of globalization, and the international art market.

Alexandria Nanneman

Alexandria Nanneman’s current research includes images that represent cross-cultural engagement during the early modern period.  Her M.A. thesis will be an exploration of the "other" in images of demonic possession.

​​Alison Parman

​​Alison Parman’s research focuses on Japanese art and culture, with an emphasis on Japanese woodblock prints, especially those from the Edo period.  Her master's thesis will be focusing on Yokohama-e and the representation of the Other in woodblock prints.

Megan Pounds

Megan Pounds’ area of interest is modern European art, particularly avant-garde movements in the interwar period.  Her current research focuses on German Dada cells.

Claire Sabitt

Claire Sabitt's primary area of interest lies in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art.  Her M.A. thesis focuses on Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione's etchings of Oriental Heads through the lens of European fascination with the Orient and themes of Otherness.

Lenore Snowdon

At the University of Oregon Lenore Snowdon plans to research depictions of birds, phoenixes, and other winged beasts in Japanese paintings between the Heian and Edo periods.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith will focus on the Kawaguchi Maria Kannon icon and other Buddhist-Christian imagery of Japan's underground Christian population during the Edo period (1603-1868).



Stephanie Dunn

Stephanie Dunn is interested in contemporary art. Her current research focuses on Rachel Whiteread and her cast sculptures in relationship to issues of space and memory.

Christie Hajela

Christie Hajela’s field of interest is modern and contemporary American art.  Her current research focuses on Robert Bechtle’s Photorealist paintings and the use of the photographic image in the 1960s.

Derry Jameson

Derry Jameson is studying East Asian art with an emphasis on Chinese Buddhist sculpture.  She is also interested in the perception and interpretation of Eastern art objects within the context of time, place and culture.

Lindsay Long

Lindsay Long’s interests lie in Chinese Art History and the History of Architecture, specifically the traditional architecture of China.

Mackenzie Karp

Mackenzie Karp’s interests include modern and contemporary architecture, specifically Brutalism and public housing. Her thesis looks at issues of privatization and demolition in three Brutalist housing estates in Great Britain.

Meredith Lancaster

Meredith Lancaster has very broad interests including her background in medieval art and her current research, which focuses on Marcel Duchamp's art, chess, and his collaborations with other avant-garde artists during his career.  Meredith is also the current Art History Association President.

Sean Mock

Sean Mock is interested in literacy and text-object relationships in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture.

Caroline Parry

Caroline Parry is interested in contemporary and modern art, with a specialization in feminist performance and body art from the 1960s to today.  She is currently investigating the role of the body or "presence" of the artist in performance art, with a focus on artist Marina Abramović, coinciding with the opening of the Marina Abramović Institute in Hudson, New York.

Yuan Liao

Yuan Liao is interested in modern and contemporary Chinese art, particularly focusing on the impact of the Cultural Revolution symbols on Chinese avant-grade art after 1985.

Alexandra Ziegler

Alexandra Ziegler is interested in the intersection between Baroque painting and the Catholic Reformation.  Her current research focuses on Rubens' Life of Marie de Medici.

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