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Williams Fund helped Akiko Walley form ‘Japanese Prints’ class

After the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA) received more than 150 Japanese prints from art collectors Jack and Susy Wadsworth, Assistant Professor Akiko Walley initiated a pair of courses leading up to a JSMA exhibition scheduled for fall 2015.

Walley's class


A&AA celebrates its 100th anniversary

Join the celebration with a 100th Birthday party on Friday, October 17 at 1:00 p.m. at the south entrance of Lawrence Hall.  There will be a birthday cake and all-school photo shoot. Be a part of the historic moment. Then, spend the afternoon in Lawrence Hall during the open house to visit the special exhibitions in the A&AA Library, LaVerne Krause Gallery, classrooms, and studios. See work by architecture, art, product design, landscape architecture, planning, public policy and management, and historic preservation on the second floor of Lawrence Hall.

100th Birthday


A&AA presents 100 alumni stories

The academic year 2014-15 marks the 100th year since the School of Architecture and Allied Arts was established. As we explored the school’s archives preparing for our centennial celebrations, we found a treasure-trove of photos tracing the school’s physical changes as well as changes in faculty, leadership, and students. We will share some of those images with you in every e-news this year, beginning with this issue.

A&AA 100


Exploring tension with A&AA collaboration

Experimentation in teaching is not new in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.  From the noncompetitive, nongraded studio courses in architecture initiated at the school’s founding to experiments with new media and motion graphics leading to national leadership in digital arts, to pioneering public policy efforts such as Oregon’s land use law, A&AA is a rich environment for trying out new ideas. Enterprising faculty members and students who shared a spirit of collaboration and experimentation and who were not adverse to risk-taking founded the school in 1914. 

Art Department Head Laura Vandenburgh, PPPM Department Head Richard Margerum, Architecture Department Head Judith Sheine, and History of Art and Architecture Department Head Charles Lachman council a PPPM student group


Symposium to examine art forgery

This year’s 10th Annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium at the University of Oregon explores the concept of forgery in the world of art. “Reproducing the Original: The Copy’s Role in the History of Art” is centered on the concepts of authenticity, reproduction, and forgery throughout time. The April 17-18 event, which includes a keynote speech by Winnie Wong, will take place in Gerlinger and Lawrence Halls on the UO campus.

Winnue Wong