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Theses & Dissertations


Abstracts and full text of all HA&A theses and dissertations since 2007 are available via the UO Scholars’ Bank, the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students and staff at the University of Oregon.



DENNING, CATHERINE: "Departing from History: Sharon Hayes, Reenactment and Archival Practice in Contemporary Art." Advisor: K. Mondloch

JAMESON, DERRY: "Curating Buddhism: Reimagining Buddhist Statues in a Museum and Temple Setting." Advisor: C. Lachman

LONG, LINDSAY: "On the Use and Meaning of Wood in Chinese Imperial Architecture." Advisor: C. Lachman

SMITH, RACHEL: "A Chameleonic Icon: Questioning the Underground Christian Identity of an Edoperiod Amida Sculpture in the Nyoirin Kannon-dō, Kawaguchi City." Advisor: A. Walley

SABITT, CLAIRE: "Wearing the Hat of an Other: Alterity and Self-Fashioning in Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione's Oriental Heads." Advisor: J. Harper

POUNDS, MEGAN: "(Un) Forming Nature: Kurt Schwitters’s Merz Barn (1947-1948)." Advisor: J. Cheng

PARMAN, ALISON: "A World in Print; Foreigners in Japan’s Early Modern Bankoku jinbutsu-zu." Advisor: A. Walley 

NANNENMAN, ALEXANDRIA: "The Cultural Theatrics of Early Modern Images of Demonic Possession." Advisor: J. Harper

MICKLE, ALLIE: “Art Beyond the Generic City: Yang Yongliang’s Photo Composites 2007-2012.” Advisor: J. Lin

KIM, SANGAH: “Western-style Painting in Pan-Asian Context: The Art and Historical Legacies of Kuroda Seiki, Li Shutong, and Go Hui-dong, 1889-1916.” Advisor: J. Lin

GARVIN, KAITIE: "A Genuine Dilemma: The Piombino Apollo and Fraud in the First and Second Century Greco-Roman Art Market." Advisor: J. Hurwitt

BOUNDS, CHYNA: "Critiquing the French: The Satirical Monuments of James Gillray and George Cruikshank." Advisor: N. Amstutz



DUNN, STEPHANIE: "Collecting Memories: Rachel Whiteread’s House and Memory in Contemporary London." Advisor: K. Mondloch

HAJELA, CHRISTIE: "Painting Photography: Robert Bechtle and the Critical Legacy of 1960s Photorealism." Advisor: K. Mondloch

ZIEGLER, ALEXANDRA: "Divinity & Destiny: Marian Imagery in Rubens' Life of Marie de' Medici." Advisor: J. Harper

LANCASTER, MEREDITH: "From Art to Performance: Marcel Duchamp’s Imagery of Chess Exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery." Advisor: J. Cheng

KARP, MACKENZIE: "Ethic Lost: Brutalism and the Regeneration of Social Housing Estates in Great Britain." Advisor: K. Eggener

HWANG, SARAH: "Between Indoor and Outdoor: The Graffiti and Installations of Barry McGee ("Twist")." Advisor: O. Howell

SZUMITA, LAUREN:  "Toward a New Landscape: The Architectural Photography of Gabriele Basilico, 1978-1984." Advisor: J. Cheng

NORTHEY, JANET: "The Power of Sobriety." Advisor: J. Harper

PARRY, CAROLINE: "The Abramović Method: The Performance Art of Marina Abramović, 2010 to Present." Advisor: K. Mondloch



MOUNCE, KIERSTEN: "Revolution through Beautiful Modern Art: Ren Herbst's Chaises Sandows and the Union des Artists Modernes (1929-1937)." Advisor: A. Narath

PHILLIPS, MADDELAINE: "Antony Gormley: Contemporizing the Index." Advisor: J. Lin

ROBISON, SARAH: "Picturing Reality in Postwar Italy; The Photographs of Mario Giacomelli in Relationship to Italian Neorealist Cinema." Advisor: K. Mondloch

CEKANDER, MEGAN: "Beyond Fabric: the Oil Barrels of Christo in Paris, 1958-1961." Advisor: A. Narath

KIM, GINA: "Visualizing Colonial Beauty: Female Figure Paintings of Yi Yu-Tae, 1943-1944." Advisor: J. Lin



BARTH, RACHEL: “Photographing the 'Ghosts of the Living': The Fotodinamismo Futurista of Anton Guilio & Arthur Bragaglia, 1911-1913.” Advisor: J. Cheng

BEAVER, KATE: “Convulsive Curation: Cesar Moro and the International Surrealist Exhibitions of 1935-1942.” Advisor: J. Cheng

BORENGASSER, DANIEL: “Replicating Icons: Personal and Public Identities of Buddhist Statues in the Seiryōji Shaka Tradition.” Advisor: A. Walley

GREER, KELSIE: “'The Prickly Mountain Phenomenon': A Challenge to Architectural Educatin at Yale.” Advisor: A. Narath

KEAST, LINSDAY: "The Emptiness of Abstraction?: Philip Guston's Abstract Expressionist Works, 1948-1953." Advisor K. Mondloch

KUGLER, KATRENA: "Bridging Heaven and Spain: The Virgin of Mercy from the Late Medieval Period to the Age of Exploration" Advisor: N. Camerlenghi

SCHLOTZHAUER, MAY: “Gotô Baramon Kite as Emblem.” Advisor: A. Walley.



AMPE, MEGAN: "Martha Rosler's Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful, 1967-1972: An Interrogation of the American Dream" Adviser: Albert Narath.

CARLSON, JEFF: “Les Heures Religieuses: Goya's Religious Paintings and Their Role in Constructing an Artistic Identity.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

COLE, (FLORENCE) CLAIRE: “Reviving the Rivalry: Constable and the 1832 Royal Academy Exhibition.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.

DITILLIO, JESSICA: “Perverse Play: Persona and Performance in the work of Kara Walker.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

FLIER, HANNAH: “Written in Thread: The Evolution of Quilting in Oregon’s Aurora Colony.” Advisor: A. Narath.

GLOBIG, ALEKANDRA: “Modernity through Mosaic: The Malmosaik in the Vienna Secession.” Advisor: J.Cheng

KOEHLER, JUNE: “An Old Art for a New Culture: The Propagandistic Appropriation of Tradition in ‘Nova Cultura.’" Advisor: S. Simmons.

KOEL, JORDAN: “The Ebbo Gospels.” Advisor N. Camerlenghi

LEVETON, JACOB: “William Blake's חניך/("Enoch"): Self-Annihilation & Artistic Inspiration.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

OSTERKAMP, ELLEN: “The Classical Trophy: From Ritual Offering to Regal Ornament” Advisor: J. Harper.

TAYLOR, SARAH: “Toward the Open Lattice: Ibram Lassaw within Abstract Expressionist Sculpture, 1945-1953” Advisor: S. Simmons.

WEBSTER, ANDREW: “The Embedded Self-Portrait in Italian Religious Art from the Council of Trent to Caravaggio.” Advisor: J. Harper.

WINGFIELD, VALERIE: “Personal Identity Through Architecture in Singapore at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century” Advisor: A. Narath.

ZHU, HAN: “Using the Peak of the Five Elders as a Brush: A Calligraphic Screen by Jung Hyun-bok (1909-1973)” Advisor: C. Lachman.



GIBSON, ASHLEY: “From Ant Farm to UbuWeb: Distribution and Access in Artists’ Video from the 1960s to the Present” Advisor: K. Mondloch.

GLEASON, CAITLIN: “Maintenance, Craft and Prototype: Andrea Zittel’s Technologies for
Living.” Advisor: A. Narath.

HALL, DAMARA: “Ken Price’s ‘Happy’s Curios’ (1972-1978): A Critical History.” Advisor: K. Mondloch.

MASEK, BROOKE:‘Kalos Thanatos.’ The Ideology and Iconography of the Demosion Sema at Athens in the 5th and 4th Centuries B.C.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.

WHITFORD, KELLY: “Present in the Performance: Stefano Maderno’s Santa Cecilia and the
Frame of the Jubilee of 1600” Advisor: J. Harper.



BAILIE, LINDSEY: “Staging Privacy: Art and Architecture of the Palazzo Medici.” Advisor: J. Harper.

DECHANT, LYLE DENNIS: “Transformations of Authorial Representation in the Manesse Codex.” Advisor: R. Sundt.

DOUGHTY, ELIZABETH: “Modern Individualism: Painting by Oscar Howe Before the Annual National Indian Painting Competition at the Philbrook Museum of Art, 1958.” Advisor: L. Roth.

GOUDY, GAYLE: “Aspirations and Opportunity: The Architecture of Hoit, Price, & Barnes and Kansas City as a City of the Future (1901-1941).” Advisor: L. Roth.

KAEDING, KRISTINE: “Monument or Folly? Maya Lin’s Bird Blind at the Sandy River Delta, Oregon, 2006 (Confluence Project).” Advisor: K. Mondloch.

KILIAN, LAURA: “Missionaries’ Beasts in New Spain: The Utilization of the European Bestiary Tradition in Sahagun’s Florentine Codex.” Advisor: J. Harper.

KNAPP, DANIELLE: “Rethinking Ambrose Patterson and Modern Art in Seattle.” Advisor: J. Cheng.

MILES, ROBYNE: “Two for Tea: The Public and Private Collaborations of Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh with Charles Rennie Mackintosh.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

MOSS, KATIE: “Constructing a Modern Vienna: The Architecture and Cultural Criticism of Adolph Loos.” Advisor: L. Roth.

ZUR LOYE, TOBIAS: “History of a Natural History: Max Ernst’s
Histoire Naturelle, Frottage, and Surrealistic Automatism.” Advisor: S. Simmons.



BELL, GRAHAM: “Evocations of the Everyday: The Street Pictures of Jeff Wall” Advisor: K. Mondloch.

DEAN, HELENA: “Icons of the Iconodule: Gender, Politics and Orthodoxy in the Palaiologan Imagery of Saint Theodosia” Advisor: J. Harper.

HANSON, HEATHER: “Souvenir of Kyoto's Entertainment: The Shiomi Rakuchu-Rakugaizu Screens in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art” Advisor: A. Walley.

HARRIS, ANNE: “A Shadow of the Self: The Archetype of the Shadow in Aaron Douglas's Illustrations for James Weldon Johnson's God's Trombones” Advisor: S. Simmons.

HONG, KIMBERLY YUEN: "Tear Down the Veils: Francis Bacon's Papal Variations 1946-1971" Advisor: K. Mondloch

MCFADDIN, READ: “The Mystical and Evangelical Reform in the Sala dell'Albergo” Advisor: J. Harper.

MILLER, OLIVIA: “The Spanish Royal Hunting Portrait from Velazquez to Goya.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

ROELLE, JENNA: “That Romantic Fortress: British Depictions of the Alhambra” Advisor: A. Schulz.



CASPROWIAK, KATE: Fashioning the Woodcut: Raoul Dufy and the Avant-Garde” Advisor: S. Simmons.

HAMILTON, ADRIANNE: “Translating the Sacred: Piety, Politics, and the Changing Image of the Holy House of Loreto” Advisor: J. Harper.

HORALEK, DAVID: “Joseph Wright of Derby's The Lady in Milton's Comus.” Advisor: A. Schulz.

STEFANIAK, AGNIESZKA: “The Female Personification of Death in the Symbolist Paintings of Jacek Malczewski.” Advisor: S. Simmons.

TIBBLES, KELSEY: “Assembled Identity: Exploring Notions of Cultural Hybridity in Contemporary American Indian Art, Rick Bartow, A Case Study” Advisor: K. Mondloch.



SCHUMACHER, SARA: "'Uomini-Statua-Oggetto': Giorgio De Chirico's Mythologized Mannequin Paintings in Late 1920's Paris” Advisor: S. Simmons.



AALAND, ALYSSA: “Fur and Fleece: Clothing and Adornment in the Pazyryk Culture of the Altai Mountains.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.

ALINA, MAUNU: "Becoming Modern: C.S. Price and the Northwest Landscape." Advisor: A. Schulz.

TURNER, LESLIEANNE: “The Political Re-contextualization of Ravi Varma's Printed Goddess Image." Advisor: E. Jacobson.

COLEMAN, MINA SOPHEL: "Scenes of Divine Birth on the Statue Bases of the Pheidian School in 5th Century Greece." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

DEAN, KRISTEN: “Life and Death: The Fashioning of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art.” Advisor: D. Hurtt.

GOULD, GAIL: “A Study of the Architecture and Sculptural Decoration of the Venetian Synagogues.” Advisor: A. Morrogh.

HICKS, AMANDA: “Fashioned and Re-fashioned Identity: Cultural Hybridity in the Textile Works of Yinka Shonibare.” Advisor: K. Mondloch.

WAGES, ELIZABETH: “The Sphinx and Sacred Space: Understanding Archaic Greek Votive Sphinxes.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.



BORGARDT, DAWN: “Beware of Domestic Objects: Art and Politics in Claude Cahun’s Surrealist Photography.” Advisor: S. Simmons.

CLARK, AMANDA: “Building the Financial Façade: Jacques Antoine’s Hötel de la Monnaie, The Parisian Mint, 1765-1775.” Advisor: A. Morrogh.

GERSHWIN, JUSTIN: “Fame, Graffiti and Anonymous Rage: The Getting Up of Jean-Michel Basquiat.” Advisor: S. Simmons.

SWENDSEID, KATRINA AKIKO: “The Turkic Male Image of Inner Asia.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.



BURNS, KARA: "The Greek World of the Dead: Its Topography in the Art and Literature of the Archaic and Classical Periods." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

CHANG, SU-CHEN: "Empress Yang as a Calligrapher." Advisor: C. Lachman.

ELLISON, NISSIE: "Masculine, Feminine and Radical Manifestations of the Woman’s Building at the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

GAUGER, CRYSTAL: "Ludwig I of Bavaria as a 19th Century German ‘Medici’ in Munich: Romanticism and Nationalism in the Architecture and Frescoes of the Ludwigskirche." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

GOUDY, GAYLE: "Computer-Aided Design’s Affect on Contemporary Architecture with a Case Study of Frank Gehry’s Career." Advisor: L. Roth.

HEREFORD, KIMBERLY: "Whistler and Fashion: Early Depictions of Aesthetic Dress." Advisor: S. Simmons.

HEVEL, DEREK: "Grounded Originality: Sigmar Polke's Use of Fabric as a Foil for Modernism’s Origins." Advisor: S. Simmons.

PARR, ELIZABETH: "Wayward Women: Printing and the Role of Women in Reformation Culture." Advisor: J. Harper.

RUSSELL, HEATHER: "Points of Intersection: Swallows and Ewers on Bronze Age Thera." Advisor: J. Hurwit.



BURNHAM, MARY HELEN: "Modernist Utopias: Female Subjectivity and Three Nude Self-Portraits of Paula Modersohn-Becker." Advisor: S. Simmons.

COOPER, TIFFANY STITH: "Minor White in Oregon, 1937-42." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

DILLON, HANNAH: "Robert Colescott: Valley of the Queens, 1964-1969." Advisor: S. Simmons.



HIGENDORF, NATHAN R.: “Chinese Glass in the University of Oregon Museum of Art: A Collection in Context.” Advisor: C. Lachman.

McDOWELL, GLORIA BEATRIZ: “The Space of the Species: Matta’s ‘sensitive Mathematics – Architecture of Time’ and Surrealism.” Advisor: S. Simmons

MEE LEE, OH: "The Diamond Mountain Paintings of the University of Oregon Museum of Art: The Development of Diverging Styles of Depicting a Sacred Korean Site." Advisor: C. Lachman.

ROOS, BONNIE: "Entanglements of Gender and Nation in Anselm Kiefer's Art." Advisor: S. Simmons.

ROWAN, JENNIFER: "Danger and Devotion: The Mother of Demons in the Stories and Stones of Gandhara, A Historiography and Catalogue of Images of Early

Buddhist Deity of Abundance." Advisor: E. Jacobson.

RYAN, MARY KATE: "Coming Home: A Cultural Case Study of Better Homes and Gardens Five Star Plans, 1946." Advisor: L. Roth.

WEST, PRISCILLA: "Text into Art: The Chronica Dominicana and Tomaso da Modena's Chapter House Frescoes at San Nicolo in Treviso." Advisor: R. Sundt.

WRIGHT, AMANDA: "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Gertrude Bass Warner, General Normann Munthe, and the Enigma of the UOMA Buddha." Advisor: C. Lachman.



MELTON, LISA: "Herman Preusse: Spokane, Washington's Pioneer Architect." Advisor: L. Roth.

PREIS, MARY: "The Ivory Triad from Mycenae." Advisor: J. Hurwit.



FORRLER, CARA: "The Japanese Kesa: A Patchwork of Meanings." Advisor: S. Thompson.

LEMON, KIMBERLY: "A Woman's Place in the Ranks: Elizabeth Thompson Butler's 'Roll Call' and the Gendered Mediation of Late Victorian Nationalistic Ideology." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

TOTTEN, ANDREA: "A Study of Norwegian Stave Church Portal Figural Decoration: An Analysis of the Placement of Mythological Saga Imagery on Christian Church Entrances." Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.



GREENWOOD, KEVIN R.: "The Qianlong Emperor as the Bodhisattva Manjushri: Religion, Politics and Self-Conception in the Qianlong Period." Advisor: C. Lachman.

LACKAFF, DALENE G.: "A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscript Books of Hours in the Collection of the Mount Angel Abbey Library with an Historiographical Essay on the Study of Books of Hours." Advisor: A. Acres.

MARKLE, GREER: "Diego Rivera’s ‘Portrait of America’: Marxism and Montage." Advisor: S. Simmons.

PONTON, CLAUDIA: "Between Death and Life: Trauma in the Art of Yayoi Kusama." Advisor: S. Simmons.

ROSENZWEIG, RACHEL: "Aphrodite in Athens: A Study of Art and Cult in the Classical and Late Classical Periods." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

TROUSDALE, DEBORAH K.: "The Virgin with a Book in Anglo-Saxon England: A Thematic Essay and Working Catalogue of Northern European Examples, ca. 800-ca. 1450." Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.



ANTON, MIRIAM R.: "Seven Minutes in New York City: A Modernist Perspective on Charles Sheeler's and Paul Strand's Manhatta." Advisor: S. Simmons.

BUDD, MARTA LYNN: "Fashion in Profile: The Body in Georges Seurat’s ‘La Grande Jatte’ and ‘Les Poseuses.’" Advisor: S. Simmons.

HAAS, CYNTHIA L.: "The Architectural Response to Changing Spiritual Needs at Notre-Dame of Paris in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries." Advisor: R. Sundt.

HURLEY, MARIANNE RAPALUS: "The California Churches of Ernest A. Coxhead." Advisor: L. Roth.

JONES, LYNN F. (Ph. D): "The Multi-Unit Housing of Irving Gill, Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra." Advisor: L. Roth.

LAMB, JANET M.: "Harley S. McDonald: An Early Oregon Architect-Builder.” Advisor: L. Roth.

METZGER, KATHLEEN L.: "The Women’s Flounced-Skirt Costume as it Appears in the Bronze Age Frescoes of Thera." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

NATTINGER, JEAN KATHERINE: "Rogier Van Der Weyden and the Mystery of the Fragmented Altarpiece: As Study in the Typology of Fifteenth-Century Devotional Composition." Advisor: A. Acres.



DOPSON, DIANA: "Carlos Vierra and the Origins of the Spanish Pueblo Revival Style." Advisor: L. Roth.

EMERSON, FAITH: "Modern Art Hits Stumptown: Sally H. Lewis and Vanguard Exhibitions at the Portland Art." Advisor: S. Simmons.

MILLER, WENDY P.: "Recollection and Reformation: Paul Klee’s Exploration of Children’s Creative Impulse, 1905-1912." Advisor: S. Simmons.



COLLINS, KRISTIN B.: "Manet and Chardin: Artistic Affiliation and the Problem of ‘Frenchness’ in Painting, 1858-1870." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

KERRIGAN, MARLENE B.: "The Kalkar Retable: An Analysis and Reconstruction of its Iconographic Program." Advisor: A. Acres.

PHILIPS-MEADOW, SORIA: "Fresh Seeing: Carr's Engagement with Contemporary Thought and Expression in Early Twentieth-Century Canadian Landscape Painting." Advisor: S. Simmons.

WILLIS, SUSANNE EVA: "The Sacred Architecture of Didyma Seen through the Religious Development of Apollo's Oracular Cult." Advisor: R. Sundt.



CREDGINGTON, KRISTEN ELIZABETH: "Nurses, Fisherman, and Shepherds: A Re-examination of the Portrayal of Old Age in Hellenistic Sculpture." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

GRYTE, JAMES BRIAN: "Eighteenth Century Organ Design: Two Case Studies in Holland and South Germany." Advisor: L. Roth.

HOWLAND, DAVID MATTHEW: "The Landscape as Pictorial Frame: Andy Goldsworthy’s Permanent Sculptures at Grizedale Forest Park." Advisor: S. Simmons.

KALY, JOHN PERRY: "Deconstructing the Ancien Regime: Iconoclasm and the French Revolution." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

KUCERA, KARIL J.: "Lessons in Stone: Baodingshan and its Hell Imagery." Advisor: C. Lachman.

PANTER, MARILYN: "The Female Performer in the Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec: The Carnivalesque in Fin-de-Siecle Paris." Advisor: S. Simmons.

SHANKS-ROCHESTER, SUSAN: "Saint-Etienne at Caen and the Beginnings of the Clerestory Passage in Normandy." Advisor: R. Sundt.

SWANBORN, SARA M. HEIL: "Dürer, Cranach, and the Development of Lutheran Compositional Principles in the Early Reformation." Advisor: A. Acres.

TAN, CHRISTINE C.Y.: "'The Jieziyuan Huazhuan,' or 'The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting and Calligraphy,' and the Late Ming Culture." Advisor: C. Lachman.

UTTER, HEATHER MARIE: "'Personages': Louise Bourgeois and Gendered Existentialism." Advisor: S. Simmons.



CARMIN, JAMES: "Those 'Damned Portraits': The Development and Critical Reception of J.A.D. Ingres's Portraits." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

CLAYPOOL, LISA: "The Social Body: 'Beautiful Women' Imagery in Late Imperial China." Advisor: C. Lachman.

DOUD, JAYNE L.: "Chloethiel Woodward Smith, FAIA, Washington's Urban Gem." Advisor: L. Roth.

FARR, LIBBY DAWSON: "Art Museum as Bridges Across Time: Four American Collegiate Art Museum of the 1980s." Advisor: L. Roth.

LAMUNIERE, MICHELLE C.: "Roll, Jordon, Roll: The Gullah Photographs of Doris Ulmann." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

ROEHR, SUSAN N.: "Sezincote: The 'Hindoo' Aesthetic in British Architecture, 1795-1820." Advisor: L. Roth.

SAILOR, RACHEL M.: "Tradition and Innovation: A Reconsideration of the Hagia Sophia Apsidal Icon." Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.

VORDERSTRASSE, LIESL KATHRIN: "Mother Earth Laid Bare: Agriculture and the Environment in Art of American Scene Regionalism, 1932-1946." Advisor: L. Roth.

WITTWER, KATHY: "Gaze of Stone: The Gorgon Medusa on the Acropolis of Athens." Advisor: J. Hurwit.

YANKOSKY, THOMAS JOSEPH: "Rogier Van Der Weyden’s St. Ivo (?): Questions of Portraiture and Identity in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Painting." Advisor: A. Acres.



BUCKLEY, ALEXANDRA M.: "Glendale, Ohio: A Study of Early Suburban Development in America." Advisor: L. Roth.

DOMBROWSKI, DANIELA: "Hubert Robert’s Paintings of the Louvre- Studies of Gender and Artistic Institutions in Revolutionary France." Advisor: S. Simmons.

SHAPIRO, LAWRENCE M.: “Heimatschutz and German Landscape Perception 1904-1914: Images, Ideology, Historiography.” Advisor: L. Roth.



LECHNER, ANDREE PURDOM: "Hodler and Vienna: Adaptation and Transformation." Advisor: S. Simmons.

POOLE, KETRINA: "Satirical Humor and the American Domestic Scene: Lily Martin Spencer (1822-1902) and Shake Hands (1854)." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

POOLE, SABINA: "The Emergence and Development of a Pacific Northwest Regional Style of Architecture." Advisor: L. Roth.

RUSH, KAREN A.: "The Adaption of Historical Meaning: John Constable's Waterloo Bridge, from Whitewall Stairs, June 18th 1817." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

TSURUYA, MAYU: "Isamu Noguchi’s Cronos: Myth in the Atomic Age." Advisor: S. Simmons.


BALLANTYNE, MARGO S.: "The Effect of Advertising on the Early Works of Stuart Davis." Advisor: S. Simmons.

DE QUIROZ, DONNA: "The Virgin of the Don Icon as the Pivotal Work of Theophanes the Greek." Advisor: D. McKenzie.

ENNIS, WILLIAM D.: "'A Fair and Just Moment': A Narrative Reading of Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

FISCHER, CLAUDIA: "Van Gogh's Translations: The Copies After Millet." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

JIANG, WEI QIANG: "The Formation of the Classic Rothko: A Pictorial and Philosophical Study of Mark Rothko’s Art." Advisor: S. Simmons.

McCUMSEY, ELLEN K.: "David Smith’s Landscapes in Post-War America: Modernism’s Revision of the Pastoral." Advisor: S. Simmons.

MOHR, MARILYN E.: "The Murau Landscapes of Wassily Kandisky, Gabriele Munter and Alexej Jawlensky." Advisor: S. Simmons.

MULLER, KEVIN R.: "Innovation and Transformation: Jean Baptiste Greuze and Genre Painting of the Ancien Regime." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

OLESON, CORI MARIE: "The Offering-Table from Thera and the Problem of the ‘Marine Style’ in the Bronze Age Aegean." Advisor: J. Hurwit.



ASTON, VALERIE: “The Representation of India by British Landscape Artists between 1780-1880." Advisor: E. Jacobson.

EARNSHAW, CONSTANCE: "Guitar Song: Ming and Ch'ing Illustrations of the Po Chu-I's Tang Poem." Advisor: E. Laing.

HARKOVITCH, VICTORIA ANN: “‘Das Ding an Sich in Stimmung’: The Still Life’s of Paula Modersohn-Becker." Advisor: S. Simmons.

PIERCE, CHRISTINA L.: "Devotion by Design: An Analysis of Ms.67, A Fifteenth-Century Flemish Book of Hours from Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon." Advisor: R. Mann.

WHALEN, KARIN S.: "An Analysis of Nicolas Poussin's 'Holy Family on the Steps' of 1648." Advisor: R. Mann.



BOUGHN-MEYER, DEBORAH: "Baudelaire's Salon of 1846: The Role of Delacroix." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

FESHBACH, RIVA: "Rudolf Schindler's Concept of Space Architecture: Theory and Practice." Advisor: L. Roth.

HANSON, VIRGINIA WILSON: “A Study of American Collectors of Early Modern French Art: Caribel and Etta Cone and John Quinn.” Advisor: S. Simmons.

JOHNSON, CATHERINE: "The Early Career of Thomas Moran, Painter and Illustrator of the American Landscape." Advisor: K. Nicholson.

LOCKARD, RAY ANNE KIBBEY: “The Legend of the Holy Cross by Agnolo Gaddi in the Cappella Maggiore of Santa Croce, Florence.” Advisor: F. Pitts.

TALLACKSON, KAREN LEE: "Pop Art and the Comic." Advisor: S. Simmons.



BROWN, RANDI L.: "The Church Interiors of Harriet Backer." Advisor: M. Donnelly.

CRAWFORD, BRYAN: "The Residential Architecture of Ellis Fuller Lawrence." Advisor: L. Roth.

GRIFFITH, NATHAN PAUL: "Performance as Sculpture: Chris Burden 1971-1978." Advisor: S. Simmons.

POSTON, VIRGINIA SCHUSTER: "Cultural Implications of the Golden Treasure of Tillya-Tepe." Advisor: E. Jacobson.

SCHNEIDER, GREG: “David Hockney’s Parade: An Evening of French Music Theatre Picasso Redux." Advisor: S. Simmons.

SHURTLEFF, CHERYL K.: "La Peinture au Defi: Aragon, Surrealism, and Collage." Advisor: S. Simmons.

STALEY, LISA ANN: "Fra Filippo Lippi’s Barbadori Altarpiece: Artistic Innovation in the Culture of Early Quattrocento Florence." Advisor: F. Pitts.

SWIM, ROGER: "Le Corbusier's Modulor: One Man's Search for Proportion, Form and Harmony." Advisor: L. Roth.

WEST, PRISCILLA S.: “Viking Iconography in the Romanesque Christian Art of Scandinavia.” Advisor: M. Donnelly.



BELOVIC, MARINA: "Late Byzantine Painting in Siberia: Kalenic and the Kariye Djami." Advisor: D. McKenzie.

CHEREMETEFF, MARIA: "The Transformation of the Russian Sanctuary Barrier and the Role of the Theophanes the Greek." Advisor: D. McKenzie.

HEINY, HENRIETTE A. GRAM: "Boxing in British Sporting Art 1730-1824.” Advisor: S. Simmons.

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