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Department of the History of Art and Architecture

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Scholarships & Awards

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture offers several scholarships, grants and prizes made possible by private donations from generous alumni and supporters, the amounts of which vary from year to year.

Calls for applications and faculty nominations are made at various times during the academic year (typically in the fall and spring) and are well advertised to students. Applications are reviewed by a faculty committee, and the department administers the funding in partnership with the Office of Development.

Students who are selected to receive privately gifted scholarships and awards should visit for important information and instructions.

Selected Scholarships:

• Gloria Tovar Lee Scholarship in Art History
• Amy and Ross Kari Scholarship in Art History
• The Mr. & Mrs. Eric G. Clarke Scholarship in Oriental Art
Sponenburgh Endowment for the History & Aesthetics of Sculpture
• Ina McClung Scholarship in Art History
• Raymond Bates Scholarship

Travel Grants:

• Amy and Ross Kari Travel Grants
• Marian C. Donnelly Conference Travel Grants
• Marian C. Donnelly Graduate Student Travel Grants
• Connie West Arts Discovery Travel Scholarship
• Alice Wingwall Travel Scholarship in Art History

Selected Awards and Prizes:

• Marian C. Donnelly Award in Art History
• Marion Dean Ross Book Prize in Architectural History
• The Ellen Johnston Laing Award in Chinese & Japanese Art History
• Roger Keith Swim Innovation Award
• Christine L. Sundt Award for Student Leadership and Service in Art History



Laurel Award Internship at the University of Oregon Museum of Art

UO Travel and Research Funds

In addition to the funds available in the History of Art and Architecture Department, there are other UO sources of support for graduate student travel and research, including the Graduate School (small grants to reimburse travel and research expenses associated with thesis or dissertation work), the Center for the Study of Women and Society (CSWS) (grants for research on women and gender topics), the Oregon Humanities Center (graduate research fellowship), and the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics (dissertation fellowship). Please see their websites for details:


GE Positions

A number of Graduate Employee Fellowships (known as Teaching Assistantships or TAs at many other universities) and GRFs (Graduate Research Fellowships) are available to department graduate students.

GEs assist faculty in the teaching of various undergraduate-level courses and receive tuition waivers and salaries governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation.

GEs frequently teach discussion sections of large enrollment courses or are hired to assist in grading for high-enrollment courses. GEs assist faculty in course preparation, communications and grading, and may contribute lectures or other presentations to courses taught by faculty. GRFs conduct research or perform administrative duties.

Students in the department can also apply for GE positions in other UO units.

GE Positions Outside of Art History

Further Information

General Information about UO GTF appointments
Graduate Duties and Responsibilities Statement

Part-time and Work-study Positions

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