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Grad Student Profiles



  Amelia Anderson Grad Student Photo


Amelia Anderson

Amelia Anderson studies 19th century art, specifically focusing on material culture of the Victorian era.






​Alexa Goff

Alexa Goff's area of interest is print and book history of the early modern period in Europe. Her interests in this field include traveling libraries, methods of codex binding, women in science, encyclopedias, and scientific illustration.




Sloan Kochman Grad Student Photo


Sloan Kochman

Sloane Kochman’s research focuses on contemporary craft, specifically fiber and ceramic practices in the United States.




Sean Mock

Sean Mock is interested in literacy and text-object relationships in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture.

Mason Moorman Grad Student Photo


Mason Moorman

Mason Moorman is interested in the use of critical theory to better understand art as a political statement, primarily looking at street art. He is also pursuing a certificate in Non-Profit Management, with an interest in fundraising for art museums.



Lenore Snowdon


Lenore Snowdon

Lenore Snowdons’s thesis examines the Colorful Realm of Living Beings, a set of thirty-three Japanese paintings by Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800). Her thesis argues that the Śākyamuni triptych within the set transformed the other thirty bird-and-flower paintings—which in isolation are simply a popular genre motif—into an earthly manifestation of the Shaka Buddha’s Pure Land, or Pure abode. In 2015, Lenore participated in the Jack and Susy Wadsworth Collection of Postwar Japanese Prints Internship through the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Also in 2015, Lenore received the Kerns Scholarship from the University of Oregon for MA research in Tokyo and Kyoto.





Kun Xie

Kun Xie’s area of interest predominantly focuses on the early Han Chinese material. Specifically, early works of art created by the Han ethnic Chinese until the end of the Southern Song period.  Another interest of Kun’s would be riveting in Buddhist arts, specifically the Chan/Zen sect of Buddhism and to analyze its role and influence on the philosophical and religious aspect of Chinese art.