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Grad Student Profiles



  Amelia Anderson Grad Student Photo


Amelia Anderson

Amelia Anderson studies 19th century art, specifically focusing on material culture of the Victorian era.



Alexa Goff

Alexa Goff's area of interest is print and book history of the early modern period in Europe. Her interests in this field include traveling libraries, methods of codex binding, women in science, encyclopedias, and scientific illustration.



ARH Grad Student, Sloane Coachman

​Sloane Kochman

Sloane Kochman is interested in the evolution of arts education and how it manifests itself in the work of artists. Currently she is researching the pedagogical work of Anni Albers.




Lucy Miller Art History Graduate Student Photo

Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller's area of research is Ancient Art and Architecture and representational imagery. Her interests in this field include issues of the representation of power, gender and identity; cross-cultural exchange; and sacred spaces and ritual behaviors.

Mason Moorman Grad Student Photo


Mason Moorman

Mason Moorman is interested in the use of critical theory to better understand art as a political statement, primarily looking at street art. He is also pursuing a certificate in Non-Profit Management, with an interest in fundraising for art museums.
Caroline Phillips Art History Graduate Student Photo

Caroline Phillips

Caroline Phillips studies the intersection of art and law. Her interests include current restitution and moral rights issues, as well the use of art as a political instrument in the Italian Baroque period. 
Alexandra Schneider Art History Graduate Student Photo

Alexandra Schneider

Alexandra Schneider studies the art of the ancient world, and her previous research has specifically focused on the art and architecture of early imperial Rome. She also has a great interest in the impact cross-cultural interaction and shifts in political power have on artistic themes and styles, as well as the various uses and contexts of mythological imagery. 
Emily Shinn Art History Graduate Student Photo

Emily Shinn

Emily is currently interested in the stylistic transitions that occur in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and examining the interwar period and aftermath of both World Wars in Europe and America.  At some point she would like to study the trajectory of Australian art in comparison to these two dominant Western powers, and is very interested in the relationship between art and architecture in regards to memorial monuments as well as the field of Museum Studies, exploring the history of the museum and its role as a cultural object.



Kun Xie

Kun Xie’s area of interest predominantly focuses on early Chinese material, specifically early works of art created by Han ethnic Chinese through the Southern Song period. Kun is also interested in Buddhist art, and in particular the  influence of the Chan/Zen sect on the philosophical and religious aspects of Chinese art.
Leanna Zamosc Art History Graduate Student Photo

Leanna Zamosc

Leanna Zamosc is interested in artistic depictions of women from different backgrounds and their connections to contemporary feminist movements.