University of Oregon

Department of the History of Art and Architecture

407/507 Art “After” Feminism

Pipilotti Rist, Pour Your Body Out, 2008
Pipilotti Rist, Pour Your Body Out, 2008

Description: The title of this seminar—Art “After” Feminism—is a deliberate provocation in an era that has been described as post- feminist. Far from dismissing the paradigmatic importance of feminism in relationship to cultural production however, this course will evaluate the place of feminism “after” the feminist art and activism of the 1960s and 1970s. In recent years, a series of exhibitions and events in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere have reconsidered the feminist legacy in contemporary art in ways that are not necessarily limited to women, and outside of what have conventionally been considered “feminist” issues. This course will begin by considering the revisionist feminist critiques of the 1980s and 1990s which re-evaluated art and aesthetics in relationship to what lies outside the frame of representation. We will examine the ways in which gender is currently addressed by artists, museums, and the academy and explore the interconnectedness of practice and theory through case studies of specific artists, artworks, and exhibitions. Students from all disciplines are welcome.
Professor: Kate Mondloch,
Format: Seminar

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